Future Of Footin'
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The Future Of Footskating

Hey dude/tts long time no visits... but summers back! That means one thing, FOOTSKATING and ice creams preferbly both at once.

Well the Triv crew are going to plan a free demonstration of our awesome abilites sometime in the summer at a venue no where near you (unless it is then it is near you).

We have also been doing some side projects. The Triv crew has turned to musical expressionism!

The Doctor, Lizard, TOWAN and Merlin's Dog made a band called The Alpha Particles. We played our first gig on Tuesday 29th March supporting Losing Days, Fault on the Right Side and The Falled Ideal. We hope our footskating roots helped to influence us and that we rocked out.

We have many badly recorded songs that may or not come out on an album called Songs From The Hot Cupboard on our dudey record company - Mice Records

We have some good songs (in our opinion) called -

Watch Out

Teenage Heart

and another that i cant remember the name of but its cool


Hey we are also looking for new members to join the reanks of the elite! We are looking for dude/tts (hopefully a few dudetts will join our dude-fest of a crew) If you know who we are and you can shred a pavement of trick a ramp then contact us! We will be waiting...

Whats Up Dude/tts?


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