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This website has been known to cause some seriously wicked stuff to go down. If you are against wicked hardcore to the max stuff then WHY NOT? wicked stuff is well... wicked! Don't try anything on this website unless you know or believe you can do it. The tricks on this webste was performed by the highly trained and/or complete idiots. Anyway you have been warned so nanananananana! you can't sue me LOSER/ETT!!!!

Gnarly Updates

Site Made

Added all the pages

Added Corkboard/ Deleted Guestbook

Added Counter

Added photos to Footsk8ing Photos

A message to all you squares out there!


Here is the link to our corkboard... there you can add messages and talk about how cool we are.... or not.....but we know you will... wont you??


What This Dudilishus Site Is About

Word up dudes and dudets. This site is about being gnarly and wicked and extreme, its not just a cool website, its like a way of life.. enough philosophy dude/tts lets SHRED!!!

Other Sites


Its the other Triv website its by Merlins Dog it rocks (but not as much as this one because this is the oringinal!)

This site is a non-profit website.. Dude