Brill Stuff Not To Do With FootSkateing
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This section is about extreme things (not footskating related). Music, Books Films, whatever. If it's gnarly and dudey it'll be here. Add coments on the cork board


Some gnarly books: 1)Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkien. Dude its gnarly little dwarvies and orcsies having a big old punch up. Read it. 2) Doglas Adams' The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy. It's gnarlyily funny. 3) Dude Where's My Country by Micheal Moore. It's very informative and its a clever book!


Some wiked music: 1) The WHO. The WHO?? who?? The WHO? oh yeah..... 2) Blink 182. Dude they rock and if you don't think so then..... um i dunno you have different taste so THERE! 3) Led Zeppelin. Pure rockin' music. 4) Incubuses. Yeah buses that are incu) 5) Random songs on (The Doctor, Merlins Dog and Towan wrote them) 6) Radiohead. Cool depressive stuff


T.V & Films

Some brill things to watch. 1) MONTY PYTHON. ALL HAIL MONTY PYTHON KINGS OF OUR WORLD! 2) Sesame Str. Enough said. 3) Crazy Monkey stuff. Yeah there monkeys that are crazy!(MTV/MTV2)     4)Blade. He Rocks!!!

Monty Python ROCKS!!! Watch it or.. um don't watch it.

Other Things

Other extreme stuff: 1) iPods. over 2000 song on one little box. Dude/tt its magic! 2) Wizard Hats. Dude/tts they're so gnarly and also magic! 3) Free Stuff. Go on it's free! 4) Hula-Hoops. Come on dude/tt they're little ring like snacks. Hours of fun. 5) Pirates! Yeah oww arrrgh!!! 6) Mexican things. Mexico rocks sombrairos and ponchos! 7) Mexican Pirates Two things at once!!!