Advanced FootSk8in'
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So you've mastered the basics have you? You think you've done it all? Even made your own trick huh? Well... YOU AINT EVEN STARTED YET! This section willl teach you how to become an intermediately decent footer. SO LETS SHRED IT DUDE/TT/S!!!


This is a basic stall  with a grab attached called the Half On Half Off Stall to 180 Peg Leg. To do this you must run straight at the object that your about to shred. You then jump and land on one foot on the object. You then balance for a while and the push off then you grab you leg behind you like your doing that strech for the thingymawhap and you spin 180* you then land on two feet. This combo trick is pretty gnarly and well wiked.

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Achillies Touch Knee Stall to 180 Combustion.

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This is one of the most important things in footskating. THE HIGH FIVE To do this ultra dudeilishus gnarly wiked slap you must have two people standing less than an arms lenght apart. The 1st dude/tt must raise his/her arm like s/he's gunna throw a ball, the 2nd dude/tt must respond by doing the same. The pair must then both open their hands so that their palms are opposites to each other. They must then both ,at the same time, move their hands forwards so that their palms 'slap' each other. This must all be done above the shoulder other wise its an ungnarly Low Five. DUDE/TT!!!!

The High Five is one of the most important things in footskating. It is used because like FootSkating it involves an element of danger, you could do it too hard and have a stingy hand. Dude..


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Well done you have become a footskater. Now go forth into the world of shred and learn new moves and maybe one day you shall out foot The Doctor. Well actually you wont so LOSER/ETT!