Sweden Rocks!
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Yeah Sweden anothe northern European cold country. Right?

Wrong. Swedens cool dude not cold. Anyway Sweden is cool for many reasons apart from the weather. The national football kit is cool, Towans favourite football player is from there, a fit person who Barney T likes called Victori Silvstedt is from there, The Hives are Swedish and also gnarly and ALSO Sweden itself is a gnarly shape.

The Hives

Yeah the Hives are really cool. They're gnarly dude/tts listen to them if you haven't. They're sort of good random mellow rock music. And we're (Apart from TOWAN) are seeing them on April 26th!!!


Yeah I (The Doctor) know nothing about football. This is why I like the Swedeish team. The kits cool. Yep my one reason to support them is that.

Victoria Silvstedt

Yeah Barney T likes her.. shes Swedish so shes on this page.


Yeha the boats in Sweden are the same as everywhere. The image aint even in Sweden.